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Monthly Teaching by Anna Cox

Anna Cox photoWelcome to April at Compassion Works for All

How quickly do we make assumptions when we see someone? I can often see my underlying bias flickering though my processing as I pass someone on the streets or meet someone for the first time. But going into the prisons and meeting those within can blow away all of our preconceived notions about human beings. It has been a good teaching that continues to amaze me for over twenty years. Click to continue reading…

Teaching Compassion, Our Programs

We asked prisoners “If somebody had said something to you when you were between 10 and 18 years old that might have changed your life and kept you out of prison, what would that something have been?”

Inmates from around the country shared their stories and thoughts to help kids in an Arkansas juvenile detention center. Each letter was read to the boys by counselor Jeff Cox, as an opportunity for discussion and healing. These real stories inspire “Jeff’s Kids” to change their lives. Read more