Meditation - Inner Healing Essence.

4. Awakening the inner healing essence.

The healing essence lies within us, and we need only to access it. Many of you know how homeopathic medications work by taking a healing ingredient and extracting its essence. There are healing oils, herbs, and other homeopathics that you need only to place a drop on you, take a drop orally, or even to sniff it and it activates your own inner healing powers. This ingredient, whatever it might be, awakens and stimulates your body’s own capacity to activate that healing energy from within. The essence of the healing drops begin to work to bring balance to your body. Some people use healing waters, nutritional supplements, and even vitamins and allopathic medications in the same way. They all bring missing ingredients to our bodies so that we can find balance and then healing begins.

Those of you who live in prisons often do not have access to any of these things that will stimulate healing. Instead, your living circumstances surround you with things that are challenging to your inner balance or even toxic to your body. This is another reason why there is so much pain and suffering in a prison. But what you do have access to are pictures, words, food and water, and your own visualizations. Seeing a beautiful sunset out the window, or even a picture of one, or even a visualization of one, can bring a peaceful, serene and awestruck feeling. And they all cause similar changes in our brain and body. With all these means, we are providing our mind and body with a catalyst to bring balance and healing to what might have been a state of stress before seeing that sunset. Visually seeing the sunset might be the stronger stimuli, but the picture or the visualization can all awaken the same biochemical responses and the inner healer. In many religious traditions, statues, verbal prayers, chants, songs, pictures of gods, deities, or sacred teachers all activate feelings of devotion and maybe transcendence. They are catalysts to awaken states of spirituality and there are many studies that show that these states promote health and balance as well. If you need a medication or medical treatment for an illness and it is impossible to get this to you in a prison, you can learn to awaken your body’s wisdom to heal just as you might with a homeopathic drop, only that drop can be a picture, word, visualized thought, or your homemade healing substance that you can put into a glass o f water or food and ingest it.

How Can We Use this Information?

There are amazing studies being done by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He has photographed pictures of water. His experiments found that the crystals in molecules of water arranged themselves in patterns depending on stimuli applied to them. Among his studies, he gave some beakers of water names like Hitler, and others, names like Love. The crystal patterns of the water named Hitler were chaotic and disharmonious while the patterns of the water in the beaker called Love was beautifully harmonic . Since our bodies are almost all water, you can imagine that drinking the glass named Hitler might totally upset our own inner harmonious waters, while a glass of water called Love that was balanced and beautiful would aid in our own healing. You too can put similar energies into your food and water before you eat or drink it. Isn’t that similar to saying grace or blessing food? You can do the same before you take a pill or undergo a medical treatment too. This enhances or activates your own inner healing balance. Another way to introduce healing by ‘seeing’. If you don’t have an herb or medicine for a certain medical condition you have, you can find a picture or visualize in your mind what it is that you need. Meditate on the picture, a written word, or the picture in your mind. Imagine that you are letting the subtle energies and dynamics of that positive healing force enter your body and bring you healing. Of course, the effect will not be as immediate as taking an aspirin , but slowly, if you do such subtle energy work consistently, there will be a healing effect. Do remember that you can’t MAKE healing happen with your intellect or an ego agenda. You can introduce the healing energies and then your own inner wisdom works to bring you what you most need for your highest growth and evolution. This is a focus on having a healthy and balanced self so that your obstacles are lessened as you travel your spiritual path. Remember, the higher meditations of consciousness and transcendence go beyond self and the concepts of self.

The meditation process of healing yourself for your highest growth involves a little bit of all of these processes:

First, we need to develop awareness of the NOW, so that our inner observer can recognize imbalance and can be the motivator to bring balance and healing to our emotional and physical self.

Second, we can develop and use tools to learn to understand our balance/imbalance. We can write, draw, and use other consciousness tools to gain some insight into a bigger and perhaps more unconscious picture that perpetuates our imbalance or obstacles. We might use kinesiology (muscle testing) to see if we should b e changing our diet, stopping a n activity or pattern that may be hurting us, or just trying to understand our bodies’ needs better. . We can use mindfulness awareness and healing meditations such as Medicine Buddha practice. We might say other prayers.

Third, we can make the concrete changes that will benefit our health with food, exercise, medications, supplements, and meditation. If there are things that we need to heal our body that we are less consciously aware of or that are unavailable to us in a concrete way, we can work with subtle energies and introduce their healing capacities in other ways. We can trust our own inner healer to take these catalysts and stimulate our inner healing so that we can benefit from them – even if we have no intellectual understanding of why or how they work. We can find or draw pictures, use mantra, use words said in a healing or sacred way, bless water with the essence of the healing ingredient we need by using a word or prayer, or many other intuitive ways. We can draw on our inner healer to tell us how to work with our own subtle energetic wisdom. There are no limits and we can stay open to whatever comes to us. Don’t get attached to knowing anything, but have faith that your inner guide will lead the way.

Morgan Leyenberger