All of our work, whether seasoned or just beginning, stems from our theory of change that if
we can move people along the growth continuum by first focusing on their own healing path, they will become
teachers, guides and mentors for others in the prison and to their families.




Dharma Talks

CWFA staff and volunteers bring concentration and mindfulness meditation techniques to correctional facilities in Arkansas and talks and readings from Buddhist teachers to encourage community and compassion in correctional facilities. Dharma Talks is a balance between practice (meditation) and discussion about how to examine the mind, cultivate altruism and accountability, and find freedom from within.

Conflict Resolution

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication is a program developed by CWFA that marries meditation, nonviolence, movement, study, and play
to deeply explore ways to infuse our relationships with kindness and compassion. This is an intensive 9-week course offered at adult correctional facilities in Arkansas.


Justin, Arkansas

"Your class had more of a positive impact on my life than any other program, course or punitive action I’ve experienced since beginning my sentence in 2008. I have found myself relating to other inmates and communicating on a deeper more honest level. I make connections with men outside my circle which leads to understanding in situations that would normally escalate. In sharing my new way of thinking with those I associate with I help influence the barracks towards peaceful conflict resolution resulting in a positive environment. 
My point is:  your program has touched more lives than you could possibly imagine.”

Our Impact


10 hrs of meditation in correctional facilities each month


400 conflict resolution graduates since 2015


Respond to 200
letters each month
from prisoners
across the country


Thomas, Georgia

"For you all help us prisoners in so many ways, thank you. I am feeling much better mentally and my thoughts
are not in the past as much as when I first began writing Compassion Family. The breathing is pretty much the doctor. Please know that I continue to sit and meditate and breathe. Most of all I’ve done as Ani Tendron wrote:
"When one gets up from meditation one continues the important task of correct breathing.”
I can honestly tell you that I know the difference in how I was and how I am today. Guards, counselors, and anyone
that comes to my door I greet with positive words and tell all about breathing, and positive thinking.
Maybe all do not listen or go along? However, I don’t like to think as such.

In words spoken can have an impact on people especially when someone notices a change in an individual."

James, Pennsylvania

"I would like to thank all at CWFA for their loving support over the years, and all of the Buddhist
material you have supplied me with over the years. Your organization has been instrumental in helping
me stay on the Buddhist path. Thank you for your loving kindness.”


Christian, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for this and all the compassion and love that I have felt from CWFA.
This belief and mindset has drastically changed my life and perception, leaving me so less stressed
and my relationships have improved drastically by realizing the difference
between loving somebody and needing somebody.”