Poetry: Issue 228


By Benjamin P., Arkansas

There was a disciple named Floyd

Who was destined to thus be annoyed-

Yet he found his own dharma

And did work on his karma

Til the bad stuff was all null and void


Color Me!

By Clark H.

Color me red

Color me blue

Color me into

A life with you

Color me violet

Color me pink

Now color my mind

To make me think

About what color i’d be if

We were walking down this

Road together

Would I be green?

Not to envy

Color me silver

Color us gold

Color your hands

It’s me they hold

Color me now

Or color me never

So if love is forever

Hey you what color are

We if we walk down

This bridge together

Would we be blue

No, not me and you!

Color me Dharma

Color my friends

A color of rainbows

That never ends.


For The Birds

By The Traveler, Georgia

My fine dining china is divided into 5 sections

I analyze each compartment carefully for anything inedible

(Rat turds blend in very well with the beans)

I am usually disappointed.

But – on every tray – one item always meets it's intended

Albeit I'm not it's last stop.


Now mind you this is not your Grandmother's cornbread.

(Piping hot, slathered with butter and Sorghum syrup.)

Oh no. This meal comes in 50 pound sacks,

along with our oats and are labeled:

Animal Feed. Not for human consumption.

(Comes to us from our Canadian friends. F/U NAFTA!!)

Now this somehow escaped the eagle eye of the law,

In whose care us lambs have been entrusted.

So, once again, supper will be a Ramen soup in the dorm.

As I leave this fine dining facility, I collect a large stack of cornbread, and as I exit,

(Leaving my compliments to the Chef.)

I find awaiting their meal -

Crows, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Doves and Mockingbirds.

They are all aflutter in anticipation.

Yes my little feathered friends,

This bread is for you.



By Jeffery B., New York

There's a place I like to go

It's a place where

There's so much more love to know

It's a place where

One could learn to fly

Never have to say goodbye

Feel pain or suffer

Or have those tears to cry

It's a place where

One could learn to see within

The ebb and flow


Twice at once to know

What it means to love and grow

Traveling through and through

The yesterdays and now's

For a bright and better tomorrow

But this world we live in

It's a cruel world

Filled with hate, greed, lust and sin

And I'm afraid

Because I dare to care

And I wear

My heart on a sleeve

For the world to see

And my privacy they try to take

And my gift of self they try and rape

And the man I try so hard to be

Is at times, forced back down inside of me

And it makes me incredibly sad

Because what this man who loves knows

The haters will never be able to understand